Tess Elizabeth - "Unrefined Being"

When presented with the theme “Raw”, the idea of nature first came to mind. I had the idea to create a collection that looks as if it could have came to life in nature on its own, without any seemingly synthetic or manufactured aspects. I brought this idea to life by designing six diverse, innovative dresses, each with a very raw, natural and organic feel.

I made use of various natural materials, such as feathers, wooden beads, organic cottons and knitted wools to reinforce my idea. I decided to use methods of fabric manipulation, such as the torn and crumpled fabric pieces on the floor-length dress and wrap knit collar dress, to create that unrestrained, nature-made appearance.

When deciding on a colour scheme for a collection based around the idea of nature, greens, browns, and blues first came to mind. However, I decided against that palette for the risk of being too predictable.

I came up with a muted, complimentary colour scheme that I feel represents nature yet is not too literal. The dark and light greys, deep reds, pale purples and burnt yellows work together to create a natural feel that otherwise may not be recognized by the colours on their own.

I named my collection “Unrefined Being” to further communicate my idea of a collection that came to life on its own. Unrefined means “unprocessed and unchanged from its natural state”, which is exactly the idea my collection is meant to convey. Overall, I feel my collection effectively interprets the theme “Raw” in a unique and interesting way using innovative materials, colours and design techniques. 



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