The Art of Fashion & Fresh Collective announce an exciting new design competition!

The Ultimate Holiday Dress Competition! 

The Ultimate Holiday Dress competition is an upcoming fashion design competition developed by Fresh Collective and  Art of Fashion.  The aim of both the competition and the organization is to aide emerging Canadian designers in showcasing their talents as well as equip them with the appropriate knowledge and tools to cultivate a successful career in the fashion industry.  
Art of Fashion will be collaborating with Fresh Collective to host this new and exciting competition.  Fresh Collective is a local leader in innovative fashion retail in Toronto.  With three Toronto boutiques and ten years of successful business, they will provide an insurmountable amount of valuable information for the competition's participating designers.   

Competition Details 

Designers will be expected to submit a sketch and fabrics of their proposed Ultimate Holiday dress design for 2015 holiday season.  The designs should be unique, sexy, fun inspired by holiday parties but marketable  and profitable. 

There are four stages to the competition.

1) Application submission for The Ultimate Holiday Dress Competition

2) Five Finalists will move on to have a  one on one mentorship meeting with Laura-Jean Bernhardson, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective regarding their sketches and design concept for the competition.

3)  From there, the designers will be required to produce their sample garment and Laura-Jean will select three designers to participate in an “Innovation Station” .  The “Innovation Station” is chance for  customers who shop at Fresh Collective stores to give their imput on the designs and give valuable feedback to the designers.

4)  Contract with Fresh Collective. One Lucky designer will be chosen and if the designer has successfully completed every level of the competition and their garment is marketable, the design will be produced and sold in the boutique.

Click on the Art of Fashion logo below to open the application for the competition!

The Ultimate Holiday Dress Press Release is also available here: Ultimate Holiday Dress Press Release

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