Volunteer Testimonials

Art of Fashion prides itself on being able to bring its volunteers access to the fashion industry and a unique experience, below are some testimonials from past participants:

I was and continue to be inspired by the Art of Fashion's commitment and dedication to promoting Canadian designers. With world-class talent here in Canada, I strongly believe in supporting these designers to bring their vision and creations to market. I believe and share in AOF's mission to foster the careers of talented, emerging, Canadian designers.

Tracy Mercier

I'm very excited to be partnering with Art of Fashion in a design competition for emerging designers.  Fresh Collective is committed to carrying the best of the best of Canadian fashion for our customers, and with that comes an passion for supporting emerging designers through the early rocky stages of building a business.  The platform and support Art of Fashion provides is an amazing opportunity for designers, and for us as a growing retailer.
As an established retailer with my three Fresh Collective stores, I've worked with hundreds of emerging designers over my career.  To succeed long term, a designer needs exposure but also support in the business end of things.  It's not just about making pretty things; it's about making pretty things that sell.  That's my passion.  I work with Art of Fashion to help designers understand what it takes to have the product sell through and the business succeed.  I want to help emerging designers make money and grow a thriving business.
Laura-Jean Bernhardson
CEO/Founder - Fresh Collective

The team at Cursive PR proudly supports the Art of Fashion as a communications advisor. The transformative work that Michelle Planche and AoF have accomplished in terms of fostering the careers of emerging fashion talent over the years is nothing short of astonishing. We applaud each and every entrepreneur who has gone through the award-winning AoF process. 
Jessica Green

Thank you for welcoming me onto the Art of Fashion team.  Working with Steph, Vanessa and Michelle was a definitely a pleasure, and I can’t wait to work with you again!  Thank you for expanding my knowledge of the Canadian fashion scene and expanding my network.  As an aspiring event planner, Art of Fashion has helped me develop my organizational skill and constantly for new and exciting opportunities to get involved in.  Can’t wait to work with you again!

Erinea Gloria


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