About Art of Fashion

Art of Fashion (AOF) is an award-winning not-for-profit organization that champions high-quality Canadian fashion. Art of Fashion is committed to fostering the careers of Canadian apparel and accessory design­ers by creating award winning platforms for exposure. AOF was created and founded in 1998 by Michelle Planche, President of Paradigm Events, and is driven entirely by the support of volunteers.

Art of Fashion is a Canadian organization which offers emerging apparel and accessory designers a platform to showcase their talents, in addition to a wealth of marketing and promotional opportunities that foster career growth. In 1998, Michelle Planche, CMP, President of Paradigm Events, launched Art of Fashion with the goal of facilitating the professional development of Canada’s rising fashion talent. Since, the organization has sought to provide a superior level of early-career support modeled after fashion hubs New York, Paris and Milan. Through critically acclaimed events, Art of Fashion has dramatically influenced the careers of hundreds of designers. Comprised of six board members, 10 team leads and five coordinators per team, the organization is driven entirely by the support of volunteers and sponsors from industries ranging from fashion marketing to finance. 

To be the catalyst that sparks a career in fashion.

Mission Statement
Art of Fashion champions high-quality Canadian fashion by fostering the careers of talented emerging designers and creating award-winning platforms for exposure.

  • Supports new designers in their drive to build a career in the fashion industry.
  • Challenges these designers to create a fashion ready and quality collection.
  • Raises the profile of fashion as an art form.
  • Promotes inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Brings like-minded and passionate volunteers, partners and suppliers together.
  • Creates a culture of empowerment and opportunity for all involved.

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