Soaring Skies 

The roaring twenties was a decade in which fashion began its entrance into the modern era. Fusing the classical styles of Victorian fashion with the emerging feminist movement, the 1920s was all about a shift from formality to liberal comfort. 

Past Behavior is a past belief that was expressed into style. It is an everlasting notion that you can relate to in modern times, causing you to question why people wore clothes the way they did, and what it meant. Fashion styles always have an 

underlying behavior that defined it. In my collection, I try to re-iterate the importance of women in society and replicate the liberalism and sophistication that dictated the style of women in the 1920s. A behavior that dominated the fashion styles of the roaring twenties. 

My collection, Soaring Skies, combines the outlandish, boyish and pleasure-loving styles of the 1920s flapper, with a modern twist. Fusing the reckless and free-flowing behavior of young women with the current day shift back into formality, Soaring 

Skies, hopes to achieve a look that is conservative, yet sexually appealing. 

This collection utilizes the straight, close-fitting, boyish silhouette that was common among flappers. Featuring low waist lines and pleated dresses, Soaring Skies, all garments are straight and loose, giving a “breezy” look. The garments are all detailed with ribbons, short hair and pearls, providing a stark contrast of femininity to the masculine silhouette. 

The slang flapper was often used to describe a young bird flapping its wings while learning to fly. Soaring Skies is an evolution of the flapper, where women have learned to fly and are soaring through the skies.


Jongwon Christine Youn entered the world of fashion at the age of 14, when her mother taught her to knit. The Korean-born Canadian designer spent her early years focused on the arts.
A recent graduate of the Fashion Arts program at Seneca College, Christine has honed skills in sewing, patterning and computer aided design. She had wonderful experience working with an apprenticeship with Toronto designer Farley Chatto, from who she learned haute couture design. In addition to her apprenticeship, Christine study specialized in fur design and is certified by the prestigious Studio NAFA (North American Fur Association). In 2012, she assisted in setting for the Cashmere Show and Ann Taylor Canada launching show.
Specializing in patterning, Christine has taken a bold approach to creating intricate patterns for various types of materials. Being a self-learner, and always open to new challenges, she has taken a unique approach to patterning different fabrics, all of which have a glamorous clean aesthetic. Her juxtaposition of intricate patterns with simple colors is modern approach to a sophisticated yet simplistic look.


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