My collection presents 1950s fashions. All my sketches are focused on the female figure silhouette; masculinized, alternate and maternal silhouettes. Skirts are enormously full, shoulder lines are round and soft curved shoulders. Waistlines are nipped in. rounded curves of the body are accentuated with foundation garments brassieres and girdles. Also, difference is in the skirt which is exceptionally narrow but still long. Moreover, maternal silhouette garments have no waistline and fall from the shoulders. This style was called the sack in 1950s. The sack are loose, unbelted and have a narrow hemline as well. My collection present the shift of front and back, so front of figures is flat or subtle and the back is opened and tasty. Fashion designs beautiful front of garment but also the back should be adorned. As theme of this competition, fashion is never ending. We should always keep an eye on the past fashions. So, watch the past, watch the back.

Born 15th December, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. During her memories in the fashion district in Seoul helped her to advance her design skill and made her have passion in fashion design. After she graduated from high school in Korea, she moved to Canada to have more practical experience.

She has enrolled Fashion Art program of Seneca College. For Three years, she demonstrates fashion design skills and she develops making garment skills. Also, she has assisted fashion designer of Cydelic by Choryin as intern and worked at Fashion Trading Company.

When she is designing, she is inspired by shape and certain mood, and she focuses on to flatter woman’s body shape. She is very energetic person has outgoing interpersonal relationship skills. 


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