The development of women’s fashion though postmodern America showcases many changes and innovations in respects to silhouettes, fabrics and style. It is interesting to peak into the past of women’s fashion as it reveals much about the value systems and society at the time. Specifically   reflecting back to the decade of the 1950’s there seemed to be a revived sense of self with in women. Women began celebrating their womanhood and embracing their curvy shape.  Famously, this ultra-feminine shape and style of the time was introduced by Christian Dior and was coined as The New Look.  Andrea Dineen’s Art of Fashion 2013 collection entitled The New Vintage takes the ultra-feminine silhouettes of the 1950’s and injects them with a modern twist.

Form-fitting dresses and voluminous skirts channel the era’s attention to figure and its spirit of modest glamour. Dark, saturated colours enhance the flattering cut of each design and provide a crisp backdrop for the vibrant contrast colours that weave throughout the collection.
Dineen’s signature, handcrafted elements make each garment one-of-a-kind. Handmade rosettes and a silkscreened abstract rose print create a continuity of pattern throughout the collection. The floral motif draws on the romance and class of the 1950s, but their integration into each design adds a decidedly modern touch. 

A textural story is also created through the contrasting of soft, flowing fabrics with strong textural elements. Organza, power mesh, leather, raw silks, crepes, and cotton blends are woven together throughout the collection, resulting in a contemporary ready-to-wear line that is both visually stunning and highly wearable.

With a background in fine art Andrea Dineen practices fashion design with a unique sensibility. Exploration within design and experimentation of design elements is a challenge that Andrea never strays from. Often inspired by nature her designs balance modern artistry with wearability.  By exploring her creativity and receiving a technical education from a young age, Andrea gained a strong understanding of her own aesthetic. Through her specialization in the study of textiles, Andrea developed a deep respect and understanding of fabrics that continues to influence her designs today. From hand-printing her own textiles to manipulating materials in new ways, her fabric selections are always a factor in determining how a garment is constructed.

Andrea is a recent graduate of Ryerson University’s illustrious School of Fashion, where she learned and developed advanced skills in fashion design, pattern making, textile development, and fashion in international markets. From her early beginnings as a high school sewing student and throughout her career, Andrea has been praised for creating edgy, fashion forward and highly wearable designs.


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