It is said in some legends, that “Excalibur” is the sword a young man named Arthur pulled from a stone, revealing him to be the divinely appointed King of England in the 6th century. In other legends, Excalibur is given to King Arthur from the Lady of the Lake, a mysterious woman with the ability to gift magical powers. In modern retellings, the Arthurian legends evolve to include both stories of the sword in the stone, and the Lady of the Lake. Legends from the medieval ages, such as those of King Arthur and Excalibur, have been reimagined, and reinvented in many ways since their first appearances in the medieval ages, and are still prominent in contemporary art. It was the reinvention of these ancient, fantastical stories that inspired my collection for “Past behaviours.”

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Katelyn Bowland spent her early years designing and sewing doll sized clothing for her childhood toys. As she became older, her love for design grew, and she desired to pursue her interests in a more professional manner. Katelyn enrolled in Seneca colleges fashion arts program, and spent three years indulging herself in all aspects of design. After completion of a successful senior collection, Katelyn graduated from Seneca College, and moved across the country to Edmonton Alberta. Once in Edmonton, Katelyn won Western Canada Fashion Weeks Emerging Designer Competition in spring 2013, and is currently working on her first collection for WCFW in fall 2013. Katelyn is looking forward to the possibilities of a bright fashion career across Canada, and the rest of theworld.


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