MON-FRI – Remodeling the Past Behaviours of Men
Clothes affect the way we move, the way we hold ourselves and the way we interact with others. Clothes also make us behave in a certain way. The tailored suit in 1950s, for instance, gave men a sense of power. They symbolized the wearer’s success, authority, and class. The fifties’ tailoring of men’s suit brought conformity and conservatism in men’s behaviours and lives.

MON-FRI is the product of past behaviours of men. My intention with MON-FRI collection is to create menswear that is creative and fashion-forward, while incorporating the classic tailoring techniques and masculine designs of the fifties. I want to remodel these past behaviours of men influenced by 1950’s tailoring. I believe that my collection will make men appear more masculine, confident, witty, tasteful, creative, and open-minded.

The fifties’ tailoring for men’s suit is characterized by its boxy shape which makes the suit more comfortable and wearable. The shawl collar was also popular, and more accessories were included in tailoring, such as patch pockets and welt pockets with handkerchiefs. The details in MON-FRI are subtle and tasteful. For instance, the colour blocks and a glove are sewn on to the jacket to appear like welt pockets and a handkerchief. For this collection, styling is highly important as I want men to experiment with their own accessories.

Further to incorporating these elements, MON-FRI also highlights line motifs which were inspired by modern infrastructures such as the electric tower, bridge steel wires, overlapping highways, and the pedestrian lane. These motifs are very modern, cold, and bold, which represent modernism in a stylish way.

What largely remains prevalent today is men’s pursuit of success, class, and authority. My underlying approach to this collection is to present a classic look and values for contemporary men with a more fashion-forward approach, expressing creativity and freedom. Generally, menswear compared to women’s wear has yet to experience a significant style development while preserving its masculine appearance. I strongly feel that contemporary men are seeking for a change. MON-FRI is my attempt to remodel the past behaviours of men.

Rani is currently a senior student in the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University. Growing up, she was closely influenced by her artistic family. He parents, who are both art teachers, have always encouraged Rani to explore her natural artistic senses. Rani’s passion for fashion design has developed at a young age. She spent most of her spare time collecting various fashion magazines, and studying the designs which fascinated her. In middle school, Rani began to experiment with women’s evening and daywear. Her early designs, while very geometrical, encapsulated elegance as they neutralized heavy details in her work.
Recently, Rani completed an intensive fashion design studies at TEKO Design School in Denmark. Her ability to effectively combine futuristic design elements with the classic look has captured the attention of her mentor, Astrid Anders – a renowned menswear designer based in London – who has personally referred Rani to the Dean of Royal College of Art. Rani’s designs have been featured in numerous shows, outlets, and magazines run by both students and industry professionals across Europe.


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