Amy Yuen - "Six Elements"

The theme of my design collection is SIX ELEMENTS.

My inspiration is taken from the Five Elements of the Universe – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. I’ve added the sixth elements – Energy. Each outfit represents one element. Each garment’s silhouette, color, design details, materials are inspired by these natural elements  creating balance & also optical contrast. Ive interpreted the theme Raw by using all these raw elements. I also played with lots of raw details as per the theme – RAW. I’ve used raw edges, pleatings, ruchings, appliqué, reversed seams allowances in some organic forms. Attention to details , cuttings , shapes & materials are the focus in my designs.

The colors of the whole collection are all in harmony & inspired by the theme. Colors used range from metallic grey, earthy mauve, pure white, muted purple. The whole collection is highlighted by metallic silver & gold. Colors are harmonious yet outstandingly sharp creating a nice contrast.

The inspiration of the first outfit is Wood. A wooded decorative shoulder piece is made out of wooden clips with a belt to attach on the outfit. Organic shapes or s-shaped ruchings are used in the dress. Materials is chiffon with sheer effect. Color is an earthy mauve which gives the wood color.

The inspiration of the second outfit is Metal.  Metal sequins are used in this outfit as trims on collar, shoulder yoke, 3-dimensional sleeve & waistband details. The hardware is contrasted by the soft silhouette with layered pleatings in metallic grey. Materials is chiffon with a nice drape.

The third outfit is inspired by Water. Its a pure white mesh dress created layerings. All the focus wld be at the back with mesh appliqué trims layered at the back. The fluid silhouette is accentuated.

The fourth outfit is inspired by Fire. Its in gold color instead of red in order to make a more subtle approach to fire. Gold lace appliqué are hand sewn on the bell shaped dress with gold mesh as the base. That glimpse of gold is truely on fire.

The inspiration of the fifth outfit is Earth. Muted purple Linen is used in the dress with matching colored gross grain tape or self fabric tape in raw edge details & patch on stitching details. The shape is geometric bell shaped dress in natural materials. Geometric taping created a blocking & graphic effect.

The final sixth outfit’s inspiration is Energy. Its in silver foil plastic fabric with cotton wool backings. It looks like those fabrics covering the air conditioning system. Thats why its called Energy. Color blocking effect is created by geometric cuts throughout the body with raw edge & reverse seam allowance details. Silver color & the materials do gives out numerous energy.



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