Charlotte Ghesquiere and Andrea Kuntz - "Orb"

ORB is a portrayal of the raw human condition;
from an untouched form of new life to a distortion of innocence. 

ORB represents the purity of morning as it dissolves into night,
just when the moonlight spills through the fog.


Stage one: purity, an image of unborn and untested grace.
This evokes an emotion of clarity; pale and indifferent like ice.

Stage two: a crack in the porcelain,
a degeneration of youth with the perception of beauty through imperfection.

Stages three and four: signify the relationship between night and day;
where the definition of light and dark smudge and slowly become corroded

Stage five: portrays the turmoil with damp darkness and black mold slowly spreading,
reating a feeling of disarray and blindness, like the setting of the sun.

Stage six: is complete blackness.
It consumes and spills over, staining and silencing that which was once possessed by light.



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