Devlyn Van Loon - "Grist"

In working within the framework of RAW, this collection seeks to evoke ideas of indelible marks, remnants of raw emotions, and shout outs to lost techniques.

A focus on pure silhouettes was utilized in order to create cohesion within the collection, while notions of experimentation were held at the forefront in order to minimize potential loss through the process of perfection.

RAW can also mean the bare bones of production. Pattern pieces are pared down, brought back to basics, before being built up once again. Through the layering and intricate pattern cutting in this collection the levels of raw experience are shown.

Each action one takes leaves an indelible mark upon their person, be it physically or mentally.
These marks are celebrated in this collection; through our choices and mistakes we become whole. Impressions are made upon the form.

This collection seeks to reflect what happens when garments are brought down from hangers and brought back to the wearer. These garments are built to be worn; built to have many more marks imprinted upon them, be it physically or through memory. An intricate relationship between the garment and the wearer is cultivated through increased transparency between process and finished product. 



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