Jennie Uhlman - "Undulation"

Art of Fashion 2012's theme RAW means intense importance placed on craftsmanship of the garments.

There should be no excess materials used in the designs, the qualities and characteristics of the fabrics should be utilized to the best of their abilities, exhibiting both the limitations as well as how far the fabric can be pushed.

It means manipulating the fabric in such a way that other materials are not necessary.

RAW demonstrates the ability to look at facets of everyday life, including architecture, to notice subtle details, things that go unnoticed in our day to day lives, but are places in which so much beauty can be found. It is about removing excess frivolity and returning to the basics, showcasing the properties of fabric itself, and exposing structural components such as zippers, to showcase the beauty in their use.

RAW promotes structure created in and of the fabric, where every seam and line serve a purpose, every pleat and gather is intentional. Art of Fashion presents a very exciting theme this year, of which truth to materials once again returns to design and fashion, where the physical construction of the garment is rendered just as important as the overall appearance. I wanted to use this method, and at the same time, showcase and enhance the female form, exposing and accentuating its shape, without hiding or inhibiting its composition. 




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