Tess Barbieri - "A Night at the Opera"

The collection that I have designed for the Art Of Fashion “RAW” competition is called “A Night at the Opera”. The first ideas and emotions that came to me when I read the description of “RAW” was the celebration of a woman’s body and men’s tailoring.

As much as these two ideas are polar opposites, I could see an amazing balance of design. I wanted to focus on a very 1930’s Hollywood concept of glamour and fabulous tailored detailing, because when I think of great architectural tailoring and sheer craftsmanship, this is what comes to mind. 

I love using opposing elements and materials to complete an outfit. I used sheer pleated fabrics, natural men’s suiting fabrics and onyx beading to create a balance and great movement.

The idea of feminine flowing pleats, structured tailoring and high glam of beaded detailing is what comes to my mind when I think of the concept of “RAW”. When I picture this collection being worn by women, I see glamorous women dressed up for a classic night out on the town.

“Night at the Opera” is a collection for a woman that enjoys many elements of the arts. This particular woman would dress as if submerged in the theatrics to experience an evening of culture.



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