Mary Duldouras - "RAW Planet"


I immediately, was struck with the connection to the Planet we live on and my concerns about its RAW beauty. So naturally my interpretation of RAW evolved into the RAW – Planet. The garment pieces developed into and are from the natural elements found on this planet Earth, and my vision of them as express through the medium of Fabric. Each piece in this collection is named after one of the ingredients found on our special and unique Planet.

They are as follows: Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Ocean and Wind.


The colour palettes are a blend of each element’s literal esthetic identification and the grounding mix of off key colours that joins these aspects of the environment while maintaining their individual strengths. The emphasis is the intimate connection between the engineering details and craftsmanship achieved in couture garments. The collection celebrates the core, natural materials and features of each component in a progressive elucidation required individually to sustain the “whole”.

This collection is a relevant statement to global concerns and efforts to maintain the RAW Planet. It reminds us of the exciting RAW beauty that must be preserved and fêted as the essence of all Art forms. Together we can create this joyous tribute to the common tenets privileged to the fashion artist. Through the use of natural fibers, and organic design principles I hope to orchestrate and produce a meaningful accolade to the RAW – Planet.

Because of the significant weighting of each garment to the telling of this story I will explain each garment’s contribution to the instillation independently briefly.  



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